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Blog Pinboard

I love writing blogs but finding the time lately is proving difficult.  Mumbo’s seven years have been fab and this year is starting to shape up to produce the best websites and graphics yet.  Enjoy! Continue Reading

Manic Mayhem

Manic Mayhem

Currently my 1 year old is screeching loudly on the approach of any object that gets in his way with … READ MORE

Roll-on Clothing for Toddlers

DropnrollI am sure I am not the only parent/guardian that despairs at this daily chore.  Toddlers are notoriously difficult to … READ MORE

Cow Cake Calamities

Cow Cake Calamities

I am still mentally scarred from my eldest son’s 1st Birthday where we slaved over party food preparations. I painstakingly … READ MORE

SEO and Chocolate

Today was my SEO day and I think I have done it justice. I also tried out an amazing recipe … READ MORE

Rain go away

OK watch this space as I will start writing about the trials and tribulations of Web Design. I am a … READ MORE