Honestly I am so happy we decided to have a third baby. Yes we were thinking a bit of pink would be nice as I already had two boys but now we have three boys I wouldn’t change it for anything.  My third is a sparkly little chap. He is funny, cute and a cheeky wee thing.  I think actually he is nicely shaping up to be the tear away of the family maybe that is because he has a 5 and 6 year old who regularly laugh at him and encourage him whenever he does something naughty.  Currently I think I would describe him as spiderman with L plates as he is on his feet and climbing things at the moment.

Trying to keep up with the demands of running my own business has been tough worse while I was pregnant as I had zero energy and the brain cells took a bit of a hit.  I am now 10 mths post birth and feeling really excited about work again.  I have lots of projects on and most importantly I am loving what I do.

I have recently had a client move over to Mumbo from a bigger agency. It was the usual story ‘they charge me a fortune for updates don’t check the website after applying them and then take 3 weeks to fix the website and charge me $500 for a job that took 5 mins’.  When I look at my business set up it is really minimalistic I work from my dining table I am pretty paperless I use a few online applications to run my business with Wunderlist  for my jobs to do, Wave for my invoicing and Google Mail for my email system and of course my mobile phone.  I don’t need to charge the earth to clients because I just don’t have the overheads.  It doesn’t mean I don’t do as good a job if anything I probably do a better one because I care, truly I do.  What I have realised that the juggle I have created is actually very good for everyone as I get to see my kids daily, I get to work from home so I can put the washing on and get dinner on and for my clients because I work from home I am not tied to 9-5 hrs I am flexible and I don’t over charge for my services.

I won’t pretend the last year hasn’t been tough at times I have had moments of feeling overwhelmed but the biggest lesson I have learned this year is the key to running a business and being a Mum to three active boys at the same time is SLEEP. If I get my sleep quota 7-8 hrs the crazy next day is totally manageable.  If I don’t then I turn into a monster and some how so do my kids plus when you are tired work is a drag and you just want to curl up and go to sleep not the best situation for creativity which I need oodles of to do my job.

So that is it my words of wisdom for this blog. SLEEP is king whether you are young, old or a cat if you get a full nights sleep life is just better everything sparkles even 10 month old baby boys!

Later gaters xxxxx