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Mumbo Web Design’s 10 do’s and don’ts of creating a website

Mumbo Web Design’s 10 do’s and don’ts of creating a website

So you have a business idea and are thinking what next?  Creating a website is a lot like writing a business plan it really makes you define and analyse what you are offering, to who, where, for how much… sound familiar? Yeap that is what you do in your business plan too!

A great website in todays’ social networking society is a must.  You can link your website url to your status updates or comments.  So when you get a recommendation you can immediately lead a potential client to your virtual doorstep.

So I have complied the following to help you on your website journey:

The 10 do’s and don’ts of creating a website

  1. Don’t get the cheapest possible and think this will do.  I promise you if your business takes off you will want to move this and change that, add a shop and then you realise you have tied yourself to a website with a fixed template that you have no flexibility to change. Then you find your knight in shining website design armor and you have to start over.  Start as you mean to go on and stop wasting valuable time and money!!
  2. Do hire a web designer you actually like as you are going to be friends for a while talking possibly every weekday for a month for a basic website.
  3. Do prepare a solid brief (description of what you are trying to achieve) website designers are not mind readers (although we do have other superpowers).
  4. Do find about three websites you like on the internet and provide them with the brief so the web designer can get a look and feel for what you are hoping to achieve.
  5. Do your content homework.  Most web designers do not include searching for images or finding the text content for your site.  They will charge you by the hour which is fine but you can do this yourself if you want to save $$$.  Ask your web designer for their recommendations on stock image websites and ask them for a reasonably priced copywriter if you need help to fine tune the message you are trying to get across.  You will get your website a lot quicker too if you sort this side of things out.
  6. Don’t be scared to say something if your website is not going in the direction that you want it too.  It is hard but a good web designer should make this easy for you to do.  Speak up and ask for it to be changed sooner rather than later.
  7. Do ask your web designer about hosting options before you sign up as some hosting services do not support image sliders or other cool features you may want to have on your website.  They may host your site for you or recommend based on their experiences.
  8. Do find out if you can update your content once the website has gone live and also ask about training on how to do it.  The more you update the better your search engine optimisation (SEO) will be.  Having an excuse to update like a blog page is always good practise.
  9. Do talk about search engine optimisation with your web designer.  Great organic search engine optimisation is achievable but these things take time and patience.  You may not ever get a higher position organically than your competitor because they have had a website for longer and also have a great web designer helping them too.  You need to make sure your keywords are available within your website for the search engines like Google, Bing & Pintrest to pick up.  You also have to validate your website with the main search engines.  To make sure you do beat that pesky competitor you can opt for pay per click by Google Ad Words.   They estimate a yearly cost of $800 per year to maintain a top position on the first page.
  10. Make sure you set up your social media platform profiles so they look professional.  Get your graphic or web designer to help you if you are not sure how to do this. Don’t forget to sign up for Google Analytics so you can see how people are reacting to your blogs, specials & social media status updates.

That is about it for today will be back with more secrets soon peeps!

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Client Testimonials:

Interested in working with me? Check out some client testimonials below!

Stephen Hoskings

The Quays Marine Centre

“Just saying thank you, to you, isn’t enough.  Over the years, Dee and I have had all sorts of experts, consultants and IT gurus come to the marina and ‘help’ us with the setup of our web pages and emails.  Blindly, we followed their advice and then we recently found ourselves in a tangle, to say the least.  Enter Kim and her Company, Mumbo Web Design.  We basically handed Kim our myriad of problems and away she went; untangled the mess, created a brilliant web page for the marina and then sorted out all the hosting.  She’s left no stone unturned and has the patience of a saint.  You should be everyone’s first call when doing anything with web pages.  Our sincere thanks, Kim.”

Melissa Langley

soda blu

“I was highly recommended Kim from Mumbo Web Design when starting my new business.  When i initially met with Kim to discuss the project and what I had envisaged for my website, I was immediately impressed with how easy and comfortable it was to communicate with her.  As I was in foreign territory and a complete novice at anything technical, I found her to be extremely patient and helpful in enabling me to understand how to achieve a website that was not only beautiful to look at but also simple to navigate.  Kim always responds quickly to emails and addresses my ongoing questions promptly.  The result was a gorgeous, fresh and affordable website that i am so proud of.”

Symbiotic Enterprising

Robyn Jarram

“I recently engaged Mumbo Web Design to redevelop my website, the results of which I am extremely happy with. Regardless of our geographical disbursement (Kim in NSW and me in far north Queensland), Kim worked in very close collaboration with me to create a totally new look and feel for my website. She was professional at all times and maintained communication via phone or email when necessary. She responded quickly to emails and addressed every question/suggestion with confidence and speed. After completion of my website I was so impressed that I engaged her further to design some Christmas Cards for me to send to my clients as well as a whole new look and feel Business Card. I found her services to be very reasonably priced, especially the website development work for which I had been quoted by other companies almost 5 times Kim’s fees. I recommend Kim at Mumbo Web Design to anyone looking for value for money graphic design work and creative, fresh ideas for their marketing material.”

A Method of Cookery

Penni Lamprey - Founder of A Method of Cookery

“The time spent working with Kim has been nothing short of wonderful, she is dedicated, kind and incredibly skilled at her craft. From the start Kim took control of the webpage brief; she owned the project and I was always aware of the current status. Every question was promptly answered and ‘procrastinating me’ client requests were actioned or responded with a gentle but qualified counter idea, all resulting in a web page that truly represents everything I wanted it too. I am beyond proud and thankful. Quite often I found Kim going over and above the brief to make thing just perfect, outstanding customer service which I would recommend over and over.”

Birth & Parenting

Helena Mooney - Founder of Birth & Parenting

“Kim’s done an AMAZING job & been such a huge delight to work with. Thanks Kim – love it!”

The Homemade Company

Emma Morgan - Founder of The Homemade Company

“The Homemade Company used Mumbo Webdesign for my new site – Kim Walling was dedicated and very talented at always finding the best solution to any problem that arose. I whole heartedly recommend her.”

Beautiful Soles

Lucy Jackson - Co Founder of Beautiful Soles

“WE ARE LIVE! Thanks a million times over to Kim Walling from Mumbo Web Design who was a legend and made the whole process painless (for us – I know she felt plenty of pain!)”

Carnaby Hair

Leanne Hughes - Founder of Carnaby Hair

“I was lucky enough to work with Kim from Mumbo Web Design on the build of my website.  I am not PC literate and Kim took on the role of helping me through and over delivered on every aspect.  I found Kim to be extremely likable and easy to work with which for me was a huge decider.  My requests were actioned before I could blink & Kim would always have suggestions with my brands interests at heart.  Kim delivered 100% professionalism, service and had an eye for detail.  I would not hesitate in recommending Kim to any friends/family & will definitely continue to use Kim’s service as I grow my business & website.”

Scuba School Fr

Geoff Cordwell - Co Founder Scuba School Fr

“Being of an age of not really understanding computer technology very well I was very happy with Kim’s attitude, skill, knowledge and patience.  I was a little concerned when I found out that she worked from Australia, with me living in France, but was very quickly reassured of her competence with the quick responses to my question and queries regarding the website. Since it has gone “live” several of my clients have commented on the layout and even more the “logo” which old and young find very attractive and apt.  I will certainly be recommending Kim’s services to other silver surfers that I know who would like a website. May I wish you all success in the future.”

Indlot Gifts

Kate Arnell-Dovey - Founder Indlot Gifts Adelaide, SA

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Kim at Mumbo Web Design as I needed help with my business logo. Kim went above and beyond to assist me, and put up with frequent mind changes. What has really impressed me through the process is how promptly each stage was completed and how quickly emails and queries were responded to, even the ones AFTER the job was done and paid for. Thank you Mumbo, I will be back!”


Kate Montgomery - Founder Communicare, Mosman

“I happened across Mumbo Web Design’s contact details in my search for somebody to help me build a website for my business. What a happy accident that turned out to be! From the very first contact, Kim was understanding, informative and helpful. We worked together to create a logo, business cards and website.  Kim is a great communicator and quite possibly the most patient person I’ve worked with. My limited knowledge was not an issue at all as she walked me through each step of the process. I would highly recommend her skills & positive attitude and am sure that you would be very pleased with the result.”

Aligra Designs

Sarah Van Bree - Founder Aligra Designs

“A huge shout out to Mumbo Web Design for the amazing new website! If you ever need to have one built this is the go to lady! Thanks Kim x”

Little Toggs

Kylie Hadid - Founder Little Toggs

“Kim, The website is going fantastic!!  I have had the best feedback from my customers saying how great it looks and so easy to use.  My orders have doubled and I can finally work on the backend myself, such a relief. Thank you so much for listening to what I wanted, lots of colour, stylish and simple for everyone to navigate around the website.  I would recommend to any business that Mumbo Web Design has been easy to work with, professional and with a client who was not computer savvy, patient and understanding.  Thank you so much for making my business a success!”