My son sat down with his Lego box this morning and had a a melt down, because his Lego was not as it should be i.e. the fire station and the police station, that I had built for him following the instructions, were in pieces.  I explained to him that the best part of Lego is making your own creations rather than following other people’s.  By the afternoon he had processed what I told him and after a little encouragement we started building an ad hoc tower and he suddenly got it.  He was off in his own little world chatting away to himself and most importantly using his imagination.  He ended up with what he called a fish, I had much more admiration for my son because he had stepped out there and done his own thing.

As we design our perfect websites we can get caught up in looking at what other people are doing. Sometimes we miss the opportunity to use our imagination as we get caught in a mindset of ‘this is how it should be done’.  Having something different but equally what you want/need is a much better result than have a safe, but the same as everyone else’s, website.

I am working on a uniquely different client’s eCommerce website at the moment.  She is a leader in her style and ideas rather than a follower.  I am now following her on Facebook too because I am interested in what she has to say.  So as a customer I am starting to trust her brand which inevitably leads to sales.

imagination_wall_artThis doesn’t have to only apply to websites it can apply to your home too.  Today I stepped out of my box and designed three pictures.  The first reflected my husband’s and I true shared passion which is surfing.  The other was a dedication to my childhood pony days and the final one was dedicated to him with relation to a DJ he has always listened to.  My criteria was personal, balanced, unique and fitting with the environment.

So words of the day different, meaningful and unique and then you shall see if anyone finds them interesting.

Thanks for reading,

Kim xoxo